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Welcome to Design Freedom, where we redefine the possibilities of space architecture for the commercial space market. As a pioneering startup, we specialise in crafting orbital and surface habitats that transcend the confines of traditional design. 

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Your space is important, and every detail matters.

We prioritise human-centred design to transform the limitations of current habitation modules. By prioritising the needs and experiences of future passengers, we pioneer habitats that foster comfort, safety, and connection.

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Quality sleep is vital for astronaut's well-being during space missions, aiding physical recovery, cognitive function, and emotional resilience. Design Freedom addresses sleep-related challenges through innovative design solutions that promote restful sleep environments conducive to optimal health and performance.

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Good design optimises workspaces for efficiency, comfort, and functionality, supporting astronauts in performing tasks effectively. We integrate ergonomic layouts and intuitive interfaces to enhance efficiency, comfort, and functionality, supporting astronauts in performing tasks effectively.

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Effective social spaces are vital for astronaut's mental well-being and team cohesion during space missions. We create immersive social environments that promote collaboration, relaxation, and connection, fostering a sense of community among crew members.

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Explore the Freedom Module, our innovative space exploration platform for learning, designing, collaborating, and testing. Join us in shaping the future of orbital habitats and advancing commercial space ventures. Together, let's empower a new era of space innovation.

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Innovation is essential for commercial space, and it’s not all about the destination! Understanding flight and launch requirements is fundamental to developing our future in space. We stay at the forefront of commercial spaceflight, promoting new technologies and collaborations.

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What our clients think

"Design Freedom is a valued partner who’s played a pivotal role in developing our Direct to Orbit Vehicles. Their space architecture and visualization expertise has contributed to innovative design concepts instrumental in advancing our mission to make space accessible to everyone."

Christopher Obafunwa MS, MBA

Founder & CEO Cochrane Exploration Technologies

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Space Castle Solutions
Terran Space Academy

Design & Innovation

We are driven by a commitment to design and innovation that enhances the passenger experience and supports the mental and physical well-being of crew members living and working in zero-gravity environments. 

If you have a project and you're seeking innovative design solutions to take your brand to new heights, look no further. Let's embark on this journey together.

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