Innovative Space Exploration 

Cochrane Exploration concept offers everyone the opportunity to experience and experiment in space with our direct-to-orbit vehicle platform, which makes spaceflight routine and affordable for individuals, corporations, and governments.

We are privileged to be part of this exciting project providing concept designs and support as a partner to Cochrane Exploration.


Exploration, Innovation

Cochrane Exploration is focused on reducing high launch cost, improving safety and reusability, and removing space debris.

Reducing cost using hybrid propulsion systems and cost effective fuels. Improving safety with horizontal takeoff and landing and our ability to remove space debris with our unmanned vehicles, cleaning up orbital lanes for the orbital economy.

Cochrane vehicles are built on a multiuse platform capable of various mission profiles.

- Science & Manufacturing
- Asset deployment and recovery
- Supply and Resupply
- Terrestrial & Extraterrestrial Human Transport



Cochrane's CX-01 Direct To Orbit Vehicle is a horizontal takeoff and landing platform that can transport crew & cargo to low Earth orbit and beyond. As well as provide laboratory and orbital manufacturing facilities for commercial and research purposes.

The vehicles support the construction of orbital structures such as space stations, power arrays, telescopes, etc.

Based in Houston Texas (Space City) Cochrane Exploration is blessed to be a part of a wonderful community of encouragement and innovation.

"Our team believes that space exploration and its related advancements will benefit all mankind. We’re a team of scientist, engineers, designers and enthusiasts from around the globe adopting a new approach to space flight. To achieve our vision of making “space accessible to everyone”. We look to everyone to contribute to our development methods and vehicle design and incorporate of best ideas".
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