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Explore New Frontiers with Our Cutting-Edge, Human-Centered Space Habitats.

Introducing the Freedom module, a collaborative concept testbed set to revolutionise how we approach space exploration. We aim to empower the public and professionals to Learn, Design, Collaborate, and Test orbital habitats. 

By fostering innovation and collaboration, we aim to propel the advancement of commercial space ventures, enabling a brighter future for humanity among the stars. This is not just a space station module but a platform for all of us to contribute to the future of space exploration.


Diameter                                8 m

Height                                      9 m

Pressurised Volume       350 m3

Crew                                         10

Module Section


Each level of our carefully designed Freedom Module serves a unique purpose, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with human-centred design, from the luxurious crew quarters on the top level, featuring expansive windows that offer awe-inspiring views of Earth, to the versatile mid-level that adapts to a variety of activities like science experiments and social gatherings. 

The lower level anchors the module's functionality and is equipped with critical life-support systems and an emergency medical bay, ensuring safety and sustainability. With every detail meticulously planned, from ergonomic spaces to advanced connectivity systems, our module is more than a module—it's a dynamic living environment that transcends the ordinary, turning the dream of space travel into a breathtaking reality.

Systems Level


The lower level of our Freedom Module is strategically designed as the operational backbone, housing all critical systems necessary for the module's functionality. This includes the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) and a fully equipped emergency medical bay, ensuring safety and sustainability whether the module operates standalone or in conjunction with others. 

Utilising a version of the International Standard Payload Rack (ISPR) system, as employed on the International Space Station (ISS), this level is versatile and highly integrated. The system facilitates the smooth operation of the module by enabling efficient management of space, power, and data connectivity. Moreover, these systems are designed to connect seamlessly with other modules, offering redundancy and enhanced reliability.

Central Core


The central core of our Freedom Module is designed to connect the different levels, featuring twin access hatches that facilitate seamless movement throughout the structure. The module is equipped with two critical connection points: a Pressurised Mating Adapter (PMA), which enables the docking of commercial capsules; at the opposite end, a large common hatch allows for the integration of additional modules.

This setup ensures efficient access between levels and external modules, enhancing operational flexibility. Additionally, two cargo lift tracks are aligned opposite the inner core hatches designed for autonomous cargo transport. Combined with robotic arms, these tracks are vital in maintaining the smooth flow of supplies and equipment within the module, supporting cargo management when the module is unmanned.

Communal Level

Window to the Stars

The center level serves as the heart of our Freedom Module, designed as an open-plan area that supports a variety of functions, from mission tasks to meal preparation and communal dining. This versatile space features a large panoramic window for orbital viewing, complemented by ergonomic zero-g bench tables that enhance comfort and facilitate station-keeping. Retractable tables provide additional surface areas as needed.

Key functionalities are seamlessly integrated into this area. The perimeter walls are equipped with storage units for systems, equipment, and supplies, all highlighted by four recessed lighting tracks. These tracks illuminate the space and serve as crucial handholds and footholds for station-keeping. They are cleverly designed to accommodate a mobile robotic arm that can autonomously access and manage supplies and equipment.

Communal Level

Flexible Functionality

Directly opposite the large window, the panoramic screen display enhances the functionality of this space. Depending on the mission's specific requirements, this area can be adapted for various uses, such as a science laboratory, film studio, fitness area, medical facility, or additional storage for systems and supplies. This adaptability ensures that the module can efficiently support a wide range of activities and operational needs.

The current configuration features a large screen facilitating communication and displaying environmental settings designed to comfort initial passengers. These visuals can depict soothing vistas or enable group calls to loved ones back on Earth, helping to manage emotions and alleviate anxiety during the journey.

Passenger Cabins 

Your Space

The top level is dedicated to crew/guest quarters, optimised for space tourism. It includes four luxurious suites, each equipped with a private washroom. Special attention has been given to comfort and functionality in zero-gravity conditions:

Each suite features a zero-g double bed/ sleeping surface to accommodate two people. The beds come with specialised bedding designed to gently secure the occupants during sleep while allowing freedom of movement within the covers.

Suites are equipped with large windows with recessed frames, allowing guests to sit and enjoy the mesmerising views of Earth comfortably. These windows also incorporate display screens that provide communication tools and highlight notable sights.

Passenger Cabins 

Luxury Beyond Earth

The interior is lined with soft, acoustically enhanced fabric that reduces noise and is easy to maintain. Ambient lighting is embedded in the junctions between surfaces, providing a soft glow that adjusts colour and brightness to fit various moods or times. The overall colour scheme of neutral whites and warm greys complements the lighting to create a serene environment.

Sliding doors with adjustable opacity ensure privacy and safety, turning transparent for visibility into the suite in emergencies. A unique feature is the plant strip along one wall, illuminated by a dual-purpose UV light panel that also serves as a handle for stability.

Storage is cleverly integrated into the suite design, with multiple recessed panels for personal items and emergency supplies, ensuring that all essentials are within easy reach yet out of the way.

Room with a View

Experience unparalleled luxury in our commercial space tourism suites designed for Low Earth Orbit. Each "Room with a View" offers breathtaking panoramas of Earth, transforming every moment into a spectacle of the extraordinary. More than just accommodations, our suites are gateways to the stars, designed for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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